Split Farthing Hall – detox your life

Split Farthing
The sun shines on Split Farthing Hall

Split Farthing Hall – detox your life!

Split Farthing Hall is a special name for a very special place. Nestled in God’s Own Country – Yorkshire that is – the Hall is a lovely place to get away from it all. Raw Horizons is a raw food health retreat which helps women to come to terms with their relationship with food, while letting them try the benefits of a delicious raw food diet. The brainchild of Dr Claire Maguire and her step mother Andrea, this is an ideal destination for women to come and detox. You can eat well, chill out and meet like minded people.
The Hall is a country farm house that has been beautifully renovated with stunning views out over the breathtaking landscape of the Yorkshire countryside.

Split Farthing
An English summer day

The dining room and the kitchen are the undisputed heart of the house, and mealtimes are understandably a real focal point for guests. Eating raw food is a real adventure for the taste buds. The carefully prepared meals were absolutely delicious with innovative combinations of flavours being happily put together. I would never have put raw garlic on sliced orange, but not only does it work, it tastes great too! Everything is vegan, and the ingenuity with which substitutes for things like bread and pasta are created has to be seen to be believed. It’s not a particularly low fat diet however, as there are a lot of healthy nuts and seeds and oils are used which tend to be quite high in calories.

A deconstructed BLT!

Split Farthing Hall – raw vegan food that tastes amazing!

The deconstructed ‘BLT’ was a group favourite.  I think mine may have been the grated beetroot chilli or perhaps the cauliflower curry.  Raw food means anything that has not been heated above 42 degrees – and so a dehydrator is a key piece of equipment for the raw food aficionado. The dehydrator warms food and simulates cooking while still preserving all the nutrients in it. While staying at the Hall, a typical breakfast might be a grain based type of ‘cereal’ with fruit and a super green fruit or vegetable smoothie.
Lunch was usually a colourful salad – kale rubbed with avocado was one of my highlights. Desserts were extra delicious with concoctions featuring raw chocolate on the menu, or dairy free mango and banana ice cream.  

DIY vegan sushi

We even had our own ‘un cooking session’ where we squeezed almond milk from a nut bag full of real almonds. Next we constructed our own vegan sushi for lunch and then made raw food chocolate truffles. Some efforts looked quite professional.

Split Farthing
Jill’s sushi was the best

Other activities at Split Farthing Hall

Your package at the Hall includes the use of an on site infra red sauna which is great for aching joints. There’s also small gym and an outdoor hot tub with a view out over the surrounding farmland. A large fire pit plays a key role in a very special session on your last night here, the details of which I cannot possibly reveal! Kundalini Yoga sessions take place every day. This is an interesting type of yoga to try, but don’t worry if you can’t do every move first time.

Split Farthing
 Kundalini is cool

A full range of beauty treatments are also available onsite throughout the week, from visiting practitioners. Split Farthing Hall can cater for up to 10 women, so it feels like a very personal experience. Free time in the afternoons means you can explore the gorgeous countryside around the Hall.  Maybe visit the breathtakingly pretty villages and Moors which make North Yorkshire, my favourite English county.

Split Farthing
The ‘no cheese’ mint choc cheesecake

Group sessions enable guests to look at their own attitudes to food.  Food can be a very sensitive subject and we often have negative habits or beliefs about it, commonly picked up in childhood. We were encouraged to look at how we could challenge negative behaviours and re frame how we think about our diets and our bodies. One of the things I particularly liked was the visualisation session where we created our own mood board illustrating where we wanted to be in a year’s time.

Split Farthing
Food for thought

Detox your life with Dr Claire

Dr Claire Maguire is responsible for the content and delivery of the programme and is an inspirational character. A scientist by background, Claire has now embraced the raw food concept and is an accomplished raw food chef. She is also an expert yoga teacher, and the UK’s leading transformational well being coach. Claire emphasises how food is a foundation and can be a catalyst for change and that we all have a responsibility to nourish ourselves. Eating a raw food, plant based diet, is certainly one way of doing this.

Split Farthing
Beetroot chilli – my favourite
This unique raw food retreat gives you time to relax away from the stresses and pressures of everyday life. It also gives you a safe environment in which to reassess things. You will learn techniques of how to cope with your trigger points and create new routines around eating. The atmosphere here is very open and non- threatening and I certainly enjoyed the company of the whole group.  I met interesting professional women from every walk of life, and of course everyone has something instantly in common.  No one is saying that changing your habits around eating is easy, but staying at Split Farthing Hall can certainly point you in the right direction.

Women arrived tired and stressed and left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, calmer and visibly happier – result!

Split Farthing
No cooking in this kitchen!

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The sun shines on Split Farthing Hall