Crete! Greece is open!

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Crete Greece
Social distancing on the beach

Crete – Greece is open for business

The largest of the Greek islands, Crete is also the most Southerly. You can see its shores from the Turkish coast. It has its own unique character and offers, as they say, ‘something for everyone.’ The busiest part is from Stalis to Malia in the south, where it attracts a party crowd.
The North of the island is quieter. Chania is a chic Greek port and has its own airport. Rethymnon is a more traditional Greek town with some stunning hotels and beaches. The Venetian Harbor is filled with fishing boats and lined with tavernas. Rethymnon Lighthouse was built in the 1830s
Crete island
Rethymnon harbour
The Rethymnon area of Crete gives you the chance see more of the real Greek way of life.  Young Greek men don’t go in too much for introspection. Adored by their families, they like to sit around in the sun with their mates having a good time.
Crete Greece
No angst for us!

Greeks can make a huge energetic arm waving argument out of anything, and so never have the chance to build up any angst in the first place!

Crete – stunning beaches

Crete Greece
Elafonissi beach

A the largest island in Greece, Crete has dozens of beaches to explore. Everything from wide sandy bays to rocky coves with crystal clear water. Crete is packed with ancient historic sites, excellent hiking, and of course plenty of cool tavernas to relax in once the day is done.

Elafonísi Beach is astonishing. It has almost tropical waters and perfect white sand. The sand is tinged pink by coral. It’s aquamarine waters and salt-encrusted rock pools are stunning. It even has bright-red starfish. The water is warm, calm and shallow.

Sweetwater beach – a fresh water beach

Sweetwater beach

From the sea, Sweetwater Beach appears as a long, narrow slice of grey between sheer ochre cliffs and a dark, deep sea. Closer up, the beach seems much larger. There’s still a sense of being isolated between huge mountains and an endless stretch of water. The beach takes its name from the small springs that bubble up beneath the pebbles to provide fresh, cool drinking water.  You can dig a hole almost anywhere to find water (but don’t think about bathing here – it’s not good to pollute the groundwater with soap).

The light in Greece is incredible. So clear and pure it’s like a long cold drink of water after the cloudy English climate. It’s practically impossible to take a bad photograph. The colours and the cats of Greece make the most gorgeous pictures. Why aren’t our doors cobalt blue, pistachio green and raspberry pink?

Creative carbs
Crete Greece
Morning checkers






Crete in Greece – animals at the airport

Crete is the only island I have ever been to, where cats and a dog live in the airport. The cats parade the cafe near the check in desks. They look winsome and appeal for a piece of cheese pie. The dog sleeps next to the Gents toilets. You’ve got to make a living where you can around here. It’s much more fun than Terminal 5 at Heathrow.

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Please feed before check in!
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