Sustainable tourism in Slovakia

Slovakian cheese board!

Sustainable in Slovakia

Sustainable tourism is the aim of all of the Green Village projects across Europe. On our trip to the Lisov Museum in the Hont region of Slovakia, our host Jakub Dvorsky was keen to show us what is happening here in Slovakia. We headed out to the beautiful countryside to visit some of the small businesses who are making a difference. As well as very nice wine, Slovakian businesses are producing other premium food products, creating markets and employing local people.

Cheese dreams guaranteed

Sustainable cheese production

We headed out to Farma Lavella, a farm set in an idyllic rural setting between the mountains. Owned by Janka Ambrosova and her husband, this delightful farm has ducks, geese, goats, cows and sheep. There are also lots of Turkeys! The couple own lavender fields too, hence the name of the farm. Plans are to offer some accommodation in future too, by converting some of the outbuildings.

Talking Turkey

On the farm Janka has created her own range of cheese from sheep, goat and cow’s milk. Her cheeses are very popular with locals and visitors alike! Janka served us an incredible cheese board selection outside with the some local wine, plus some complimentary home made Apricot jam! The weather was gorgeous and it really was a Conde Nast moment.

Lunch al fresco

Farma Lavella is the place to come if you like cheese! Hard cheese, soft cheese, blue cheese and the piece de resistance – real cheese strings! Janka’s sister was in the kitchen stretching the cheese, by softening it in hot water and then pulling it out like chewing gum! There were also cheese knots and and cheese rolls, as an option to the strings. Delicious fresh yoghurt drinks were also being made, flavoured with local fruit and berries.

Local yoghurt drinks

Local honey was produced and little jars of bee pollen. There are a lot of health claims for bee pollen. I bought a couple of jars as apparently it is a great anti oxidant and helps your immune system too. These crunchy sweet grains are great for sprinkling on your porridge!

I loved meeting all the animals, who are more like pets really, and was very impressed with the operation here. It would be great to go back when things have developed a little more.

Sustainable oil production

Another farm we visited produces premium oils from walnuts and seeds. They sell them to local restaurants, and also retail outlets

Oil’s well that ends well!

Olej Hont Sudovce is a small, regional manufacturer of the highest quality cold pressed vegetable oils. All raw materials, are from the Hont region where possible and definitely from Slovakia! The business gets their the raw materials from small responsible growers who they know personally and who value the land on which they grow. Great care is taken with the pressing process which ensures a top quality product.

Good gourds!

Production manager Matthias Dirk Roesch is originally from Switzerland, and has made his home in Slovakia.  He has twenty years of experience in this industry. The farm here also had lots of geese residing in a special geese wellness centre! They also had an impressive selection of gourds as it was that time of year..

Check out my experience wine tasting in  Slovakia here. More adventures to coming soon!

Country lunch


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