The Snooze Cube – the smart solution to the airport layover

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The snooze cube in Dubai

My connecting flight to Perth in Western Australia from Dubai was not for another 10 hours – what to do with that time? Long haul flights are pretty tiring anyway, and the thought of hanging around draped across some hard plastic seat, trying to sleep in the cacophony that is the soundtrack of any airport did not appeal. Shipping out to a hotel is time consuming and expensive and you just get settled when you have to set off back again.

Cube Snooze
Choose your cube!

Snooze cube to the rescue!.Inspired by the experience of Tom Hanks in the film Terminal the Snoozecube provides cosy soundproofed pods where you can stretch out in peace in a clean comfortable bed and get as much rest as you can manage with the time you have available. Without leaving the terminal! It is safe and secure with 24/7 cover on reception and the snooze cube staff take a note of your flight and will wake you in plenty of time so you don’t need to worry about missing your connection.You can even purchase some soothing ice eye masks as dry eyes are a common problem in the oxygen starved atmospheres of planes and airports.


Sleep well

The cube has wifi, electric points, internet access and movies on a small wall mounted screen, and room for your coat and luggage. The walls sport a frieze of a jolly outdoor scene with an open window to combat any possible claustrophobic tendencies.

Outdoors indoors!

The Snooze cube is the brainchild of founder and New Zealander CEO Larry Swan, and is a result of four years of development to create a quality sleeping pod to best meet the needs of a variety of clients. People are moving around the world as never before and more and more international travellers are in transit in mega airports, like Dubai.The Snooze cube is an innovative solution to the traveller who needs proper downtime before going on their way.
Designed and built in New Zealand, the Snooze cube adds to the country’s reputation for making high quality innovative products.
You pay for the cube by the hour which makes sense in this environment. It currently costs 75AED (21 US) or about £17 an hour.

Snug as a bug in a rug

I loved the Snooze cube, it reminded me of the dens I used to make as a child and I immediately felt safe and secure, I think I even got some sleep although I was dozing mostly.There’s no bathroom in the cube, so you need to pop out and go to the public loos around the corner, but they are just next door. The pods aren’t totally soundproof so don’t be disconcerted by the odd phone ring cough or distant conversation, and the air conditioning is especially energetic so you will need your Snooze cube blanket.The staff were really friendly and welcoming too which is so important.

Respect the cube

There are currently 13 Snooze cubes in Terminal 1 in Dubai airport opposite Gate D7, They are quite easy to find. I think this a great concept and I hope to see Snooze cubes popping up in other airports providing little oases of calm in the turbulent world of international travel.