Platinum Healing Detox Retreat

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Platinum Healing

Are you are serious about trying the benefits of a juice detox and learning more about nutrition, yoga and holistic health and well being therapies? Then you need to try the Platinum Healing experience. I attended one of their premium retreats in Arundel, West Sussex, a picture postcard English town, not far from the South coast.

Platinum Healing
Platinum Healing – relax, refresh, recharge 

There are a number of different guest packages available, and the team carefully tailor activities to the needs of the individual. The basic juice, nutrition and yoga programme is for everyone, and then there is a full range of additional treatments. These additional treatments are designed to address specific issues such as weight loss, fertility, stop smoking, menopause or particular medical conditions.

Platinum Healing
Two trees!

Platinum Healing – other therapies

Other therapies deal with more emotional or relationship issues. For example, through the inner child package which tackles overcoming past traumas and problems. A comprehensive menu of treatments is also available throughout the day, from an impressive team of professional therapists. On offer are hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) EFT (tapping) nutritionist one to ones, reflexology, massage, herbalists, DNA testing and fitness instructors.

In the evenings you can watch movies about nutrition and diet (think ‘Supersize Me’ or ‘Fat sick and nearly dead’) or just do your own thing. On our last night Penny, the super energetic centre manager, asked Nick Barrel, a talented blues guitarist to come into the retreat and play for us and he was absolutely brilliant. Some of the more energetic guests were even up dancing! 


Platinum Healing
Spring is coming
I tried the hypnotherapy which I enjoyed, although I’m not sure if I was actually hypnotised, and I sampled the reflexology which is always very therapeutic. Rachel, our super knowledgeable nutritionist, can tell you all you will ever need to know about how to juice, alkalising foods, enemas and more. She will even take you on a foraging walk around the local country lanes and point out some natural food for free.
Platinum Healing
Colourful snacks

The yoga, included in the juice detox basic package, is twice a day and caters for both beginners and the more advanced. It’s good fun and everyone just gets stuck in and has a go. Evening sessions are sometimes more like meditation which is suitably relaxing..

Platinum Healing
Everyone has a leg to stand on

Platinum Healing – a holistic experience

Each day after the breakfast juice, there is a talk with more information to take in about nutrition and how we should best nurture and nourish ourselves. You get to take these resources away with you as there is an awful lot to learn.

After a detox, some people go for the complete lifestyle overhaul, but small changes you can easily fit into your current routine are probably the best way to go for most people.

Healing Platinum
Juice menu

All the staff at Platinum Healing are very friendly, welcoming and supportive. They understand what you might be going through and this feels like a very safe environment in which to start or continue your self healing journey.

We are all used to negative peer group pressure, people are urged to have another drink, or have some dessert. It is so refreshing to be in a positive peer group pressure situation. We are in this together – we can do it!

Platinum Healing
Our detox gang

Everyone was at the retreat for different reasons, and there were quite a few repeat visitors when I was there. It was a lovely group of varied interesting people and meeting them was another positive for me.

Platinum Healing – a luxury venue

This retreat (other retreats are held at a Lincolnshire venue,) is held in a smart barn conversion property complex. It manages to combine the standards of an upmarket hotel with the feel of a country home. My room was lovely with a huge bed and a super comfy mattress.

Platinum Healing
Healthy sleep

There is TV, Wi-Fi and luxurious underfloor heating – ideal for chilly days. At the front of the property, there is a spacious patio with gorgeous views out over the Sussex countryside. In my opinion, one of our loveliest English counties. There is even a small indoor heated swimming pool.

The delightful town of Arundel is a short walk away with its impressive castle, cathedral and Olde Worlde town centre. There are lots of lovely independent shops you can browse around in your free time too. There are also a lot of attractive coffee stops and restaurants so a bit of a danger zone for the detoxer.

Arundel cathedral

Juice Detox – the lowdown

The juice detox is not for the faint hearted. I hadn’t quite grasped that every meal would only be a small glass of liquid. Packed with essential nutrients this could be a shot of wheat grass, or Aloe Vera or milk thistle. This is served together with a small tea cup of hot water with cider vinegar in it and nothing else.
In the evening, a small mug of savoury ‘electrolyte’ broth is on offer at 7pm prompt.

Three course meal

A ‘breaking the fast’ healthy meal happens at the end of the detox. This takes you gently back to the world of chewing. The small healthy meal may as well have been the most sumptuous banquet ever eaten. Never have a I had such appreciation of half an avocado.

Breaking the fast

Does it work? I found the detox tough. I can’t remember going without solid food for that long, except for when I had the flu. After a while of not eating solid food you actually do stop feeling hungry. I did feel tired however, and suffered quite bad headaches.

Platinum Healing juice detox – did it work?

Returning to eat my first proper meal in five days, there was a definite change.  I had been suffering quite badly with depression before the retreat. As the detox headaches subsided, I found my mind had cleared and my mood lifted completely. I felt a whole lot better in myself, and I had lost three pounds! A definite success.

Both my digestive system and my brain had obviously been given a much needed rest. In fact, now I know what is actually involved, I think I would try the experience again. Maybe even opt for some of the other therapies too. You only get one body and one life and no one can look after you as well as you can.

Platinum Healing retreats have the expertise to help you go forward, wherever you find yourself on that journey. Check out the website to find out about up and coming retreat opportunities.

Watch out there’s a cat about

How was your Platinum Healing experience?

“Wonderful, friendly, informative, positive and comforting staff. Loved the organised juice and supplement program.
Great place to start the healing process, learn lots and get healthy quickly! “
Lettice Rowbotham
“This is a well organised and structured retreat from booking to departing. The detox was very hard but doable. Therapies, treatments and yoga is excellent! The staff are amazing and the location is wonderful. Thank you!!”
Terase Gallagher
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