Kynren 2019

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2019 Kynren
Kynren finale

Kynren  2019 has got to be the best outdoor spectacle in the UK!  Voted in the top five UK events by Trip Advisor, this is a night to remember of epic proportion. This awesome show bursts into the summer night sky for the fourth year. The location is Bishop Auckland in the fabulous North East of England.

Everything about Kynren is on a huge scale! A young local boy Arthur goes back through a time portal to witness highlights of our great English history. Through this journey he discovers who he is and where he came from.

2019 Kynren
An epic battle!

Kynren 2019 – celebrating England!

Imagine a huge live movie set with hundreds of people an animals acting out scenes from the last 2,000 years and you are describing Kynren 2019!  The event features the most amazing live technical effects I’ve ever seen. There are spectacular light animations, evocative original music and lots of fireworks! Live animals race across the massive field in front of your eyes!
If you ever felt you were getting just a bit sick of all that CGI at the cinema, Kynren 2019 is the perfect antidote.

Kynren 2019
The Romans are coming!

More than 1,000 local volunteers are involved as cast and crew. Many are children from local schools and they all rise to the challenge. Hundreds of people perform the most impressive feats of mass choreography. Nothing like this has been seen since the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. There is also an extraordinary cast of animals. Fabulous horses, sheep, goats, cattle and even geese join in the performance.  They seem to be enjoying things every bit as much as the humans! Watching the beautiful white horses racing across the enormous landscaped stage the size of five football fields, jousting in coloured livery, or heading off with their knights into battle is quite thrilling.

2019 Kynren
Just jousting

The energy of the whole event was exceptional and the man made lake in the middle of the performance area is used to great effect with  huge set pieces rising out of it, as if from nowhere. A life sized Viking ship, a time portal, the royal barge. even series of arches representing the tunnels of the coal mines during industrial revolution. Characters were able to walk across the water. Light projections onto water jets create incredible set pieces such as the rose window from Durham cathedral.

Kynren 2019
A flaming steed

Kynren 2019 – power to the people

Kynren 2019 evokes those huge Hollywood heyday blockbusters of the late 1950’s with thousands of extras – Ben Hur and the Ten Commandments spring to mind – and is a feast for the eyes, the ears – and the heart.    I especially loved the horses. There were 30 of them – all housed on site, including elegant Lusitanos from Portugal and Spain for riding, Wielkopolski and carriage horses from Poland. There were also eight heavyweight Percherons from Northern France, gentle giants to pull the carts and wagons on stage.  All the horses were grey in order stand out at night. The sight of a white horse galloping through the night in a blanket of flames will stay with me for ever. With the windows of Auckland castle ablaze with lights in the background, the people of County Durham acquitted themselves with a pride and enthusiasm which was heart lifting.

2019 Kynren
The geese were great!

We get to witness great scenes from history. These include Queen Elizabeth gliding across the lake in her barge having a conversation with William Shakespeare. A full size replica of Stephenson’s Rocket travels across the field – the first steam train in the world! Snow drifts across the field as soldiers come out to play football on the battlefield on Christmas day in WWI!

Kynren 2019 – how to organise an epic event

Kynren 2019
Fierce Boudica

The event is incredibly well organised with excellent site management refreshments and lots of bins and toilets! The Kynren car parks are great. Kynren 2019 dates are only on Saturdays and showtimes vary depending on the time of sunset so do check the site.

Kynren 2019 is an  extremely ambitious project and the vision of philanthropist and investment manager Jonathan Ruffer.  The idea is based on a huge medieval live action theme park in France about the history of the French. Eleven Arches is one of two charities Jonathan has created in Bishop Auckland, the other being Auckland Castle Trust.  The aim of the charities is to establish Bishop Auckland as an international tourist destination attracting visitors and investment to the area. Kynren show times are available from the website at  where you can book tickets for Kynren 2019! Do not not miss this incredible show!

2019 Kynren
Kynren warrior


  1. Kynran is the best show I have ever been to in my life and I am almost 74 yrs old.Spectacular.Could not find one fault.People, animals, back drop,fireworks,lighting , The whole production and also the organisation on entering the area .Food stalls viking village .Every one was friendly .Walking areas were really good no muddy parts all properly tarmaced or resin underfoot.Seating was brilliant though little tight.At least it kept us warm bei g close to each other! CONGRATULATIONS WELL DONE TO EVERY ONE WHO WAS INVOLVED whatever you did.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful review, I am one of the volunteers and am really glad you enjoyed the Kynren experience.

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