Stanton Hall and gardens

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Hall Stanton
The gardens and the hall

Stanton Hall and Gardens

Stanton Hall and gardens near Morpeth in Northumberland, is a delightful garden centre and destination. Situated in the picturesque grounds and gardens of old Stanton Hall,  It is a real gardener’s plant emporium. Parts of the hall date back to the 14th  Century.

Stanton Hall and gardens is a small family run business. It offers something very different from the larger garden centres.

Stanton Hall
A fabulous thistle


It’s not one of those Garden Centres where you have to wade through a shop selling dubious household ornaments made in China or a sounds of the rainforest CD before you get to anything growing You will not find a coffee shop selling overpriced scones, and there is no children’s play area with a plastic dinosaur slide. You cannot purchase unflattering outdoor wear or gas barbecues or an Easter Island garden statue.

Stanton Hall and Gardens – the gardener’s garden centre

Instead, for sale there are lots and lots of lovely healthy plants, shrubs and trees of every variety imaginable. Plants featured are those that can survive our tough North of England climate. The prices are really good and I love my visits here because every time I go I come across another new plant I have not seen before.

In a circular green hut called the Gin Gan in the garden you will find a small self service cafe. Help yourself to a cup of coffee for 50p and and some Rington’s biscuits for 20p! A gin gang was a wheelhouse, roundhouse or horse-engine house. 

Stanton Hall
Yellow marguerites

It showcases a huge range of plants from herbs to trees. The team grow most of the plants from Stanton stock seeds or cuttings.

The gardens themselves have been put together over 30 years to showcase the range of plants sold at Stanton. The Maze Garden, the knot garden and the Lime walk are all lovely. They give ideas about colour, grouping and mixtures of shrubs, perennials, herbs and planting structures.

hall garden stanton
Boots made for planting!

Stanton Hall and gardens – a hidden treasure

Stanton Hall and gardens is a very civilised hidden treasure set in Northumberland, one of our most beautiful and uncrowded counties. One greenhouse plays classic FM to the geraniums and the fields next door do a fine line in bifurcated cattle..

Hall stanton
Allsorts of plants!

Stanton Hall, began life as a fourteenth century fortified medieval tower. Most of it built in the 16th century, it was modified over the years, with the south end of the building altered around 1700. In Henry VIII’s reign Sir Ralph Fenwick, High Sheriff of Northumberland, lived in the tower. The Fenwick family actually occupied Stanton Hall for almost 200 years until 1730.

The Reverend John Hodgson was one of the most distinguished scholars of Northumberland. In 1830 he wrote, ‘Stanton Old Hall is a three storey strong house probably dating to the 16th century. Oblong with a projecting stair turret on the east. This tower received a new front in 1700 with rusticated quorns and cross windows with swan necked pediments.’

Stanton Hall and gardens – my favourite garden centre

Hall stanton
Gorgeous garden

Stanton Hall is West of Morpeth in Pigden, Northumberland. A small family run business, it is my favourite garden centre.

The nursery has  huge range of plants from herbs to trees. It is a real labour of love. Over eighty five percent of all plants for sale here are from Stanton stock. Staff can provide personal services including orders to find that specialist plant that you’ve been looking for. Customers order hanging baskets from April.

Hall stanton
Luscious lemon snapdragons

The Gardens and Plant Nursery are open 9.30 – 5.30, Tuesday – Sundays, Easter to mid September. Stanton Hall is also open to the public on some bank holidays though out the season.

Entry to the beautiful gardens is free and they alone are worth a good look round. Pop along before the crowds discover the secret of Stanton Hall and gardens!

Stanton Hall
Handsome hall