My Travel Story

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Travel Story
Mum and me exploring Paris circa 1981

My travel story

Everyone has a travel story. I have loved writing and travel as far back as I can remember. I didn’t have much opportunity to go anywhere growing up. As soon as I reached adulthood and had a real job teaching, I was off and running to make up for that!

My first self organised trip was with the Paris Travel Service where I took my mum on a train, a hovercraft and a train to this great city. We couldn’t work out how to use the Metro at first and so we literally walked all over the city. This is still the best way decided to try and put my two passions together and start my blog in 2012.  A friend of mine who was a BBC journalist encouraged me to start blogging and I really haven’t stopped since then.

Happy in the South of France decades later!

Since the I have travelled to France many times especially to lovely Normandy and Perpignan in the South of France

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

For me it’s all about the travel story. Whether I’m volunteering at an animal rescue place in Australia, tracking wolves in Germany on a citizen scientist programme, Glamping in Italy or floating in an infinity pool overlooking Loch Fyne, I want to you to be able to travel with me and enjoy the experience too.

travel story
Reading the Hindu Times My sub continental look

My blog has taken me all over the world to places I would never have dreamed of going. India, Uzbekistan, Transylvania, Mexico, Montana, Belize, or even steering down a canal in Shropshire.

I was always a curious girl. Writing my blog has made me more curious than ever, and I know there are so many places and experiences I still look forward to. It has made me more outward looking and more aware of how other people live, what is possible and ultimately how lucky I am to be able to do this.

travel story
You’d Better Belize It!

It is better to travel well than to arrive (Buddha)

I love everything about travel including the logistics elements to it. Sourcing flights, selecting unusual or sustainable accommodation. Finding the best restaurants or things to see and do in different destinations. It’s like a huge puzzle you have to solve and that really is half the fun.

Meeting a Quokka on Rottnest Island

Right now, with COVID, having any travel story is problematic. Writing this has made me feel more enthusiastic about the possibilities that will emerge after this pandemic is under control.

I have already travelled post PCR testing and started to learn how to navigate different rules and protocols in different countries. Airports and planes are pretty empty at the moment. The mask isn’t fun but you get used to it and you usually have a row of seats to yourself anyway.

Catching up on the Japan News

I felt extremely confident in the airlines I travelled on pre lockdown and very safe indeed. The travel industry has lost thousands of jobs. We are going to need to be ready to support them when things get back up and running if we want all that lovely travel to come back to the world.

Cycling in the highlands

So stay hopeful and stay strong. It’s raining and snowing in the UK, and we are in lockdown.  Millions of people are having vaccinations at a rate of knots and better days are coming soon.

It took a lot to impress me back then..

How my travel story can help you

If you’d like me to write copy for your website or campaigns please get in touch. If you’d like some help planning a trip to one of these gorgeous destinations I can help too.  Top tip! My favourite flight planning site is Skyscanner 

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